Best 64 GB Pen Drives Under $ 10 That You Should Not Miss Buying



In the old days, the storage devices are available in a huge size and costly. In recent times technology has made its advancement in” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>gadgets all over the globe. Nowadays, the pen drives are so small with large storage capacity that can fit in your pocket. However, Pen drives play an important role in your life apart from cloud storage services. In fact, you don’t have to break your budget to buy the best pen drives. It becomes easy to use as it allows offline data transfer between the devices rather than investing their money of a relatively expensive external hard disk drive. In this article, you will find details about the list of best 64 GB pen drives under $ 10. for more details life hacks

List 64 GB Pen Drives Under $ 10

Sandisk Ultra Dual

First of all, Sandisk is a popular US-based data storage brand which is a well-known brand all over the globe. Whereas, it comes with a USB 3.0 device that comes with 64GB of onboard storage space. It is beautifully designed and built to meet the customer’s needs. In fact, it comes with a semi-transparent plastic case that looks unique to the eyes. whereas, it comes with a connector set up with the regular USB 3.0 Type-A port on one side and the micro-USB port on the other side. Nevertheless, the¬†overall construction is pretty good at this price range.

Kingston DT50

First things first, the DT50 64GB USB pen drive from Kingston is one of the cheapest USB 3.0 pen drives available in the Indian market right now. Whereas, this pen drive is available at a low price and feels extremely robust and durable in hand. The pen drive is well-built with lots of features. The only issue with this pen drive is that it lacks a security cap for the USB connector. Being a USB3.0 pen drive, the Kingston DT50 provides a decent 25MB/s read speed and 20MB/s write speed consistently. Nevertheless, Kingston provides a 5-year warranty on this device if something unfortunate happens in between.

Sandisk Cruzer Blade

Firstly, this pen drive is one of the most popular and universal pen drives that you might have seen around in the hands of people around you. This pen drive is so small that it will fit your wallet fine without any struggle. Whereas, it also comes with a lanyard port to hook it your keychain. The build quality is decent for the price. Nevertheless, this device lacks cap protection for the USB connector, be wary of dust want water entering inside the circuitry. Whereas, this pen drive is USB2.0 powered Pendrive which means that the data transfer speeds will be considerably less than the other USB3.0/USB3.1 devices.

Strontium Ammo

This is a 64GB USB3.1 pen drive that features a strong metallic build which makes it suitable for rough use. Whereas, this pen drive looks and feels sleek in hand. Nevertheless, the metallic chassis is available with a keychain holder makes it suitable to clip it with your backpack or keys. Whereas, the compact and sturdiness combined in an attractive form-factor are what we can say about the design of the USB pen drive. Whereas, the only difference will be the data transfer speeds and nothing can be done to improve the speed as it is a hardware related feature.

HP V150w

Lastly, this pen drive features a futuristic design that makes it stand out from the rest of the rectangular USB pen drives. The company also concentrates on accessories such as computer mouses and media storage devices such as pen drives. However, the USB ports slid out from the side by moving the slider up top. In fact, this keeps the port safe as well as relatively clean than an exposed port thumb drive. Whereas, with the thumb drive what you get is a whopping 64GB storage capacity on a relatively small and lightweight device.

These are the list of Best 64 GB Pen Drives Under $ 10. If you have any queries or any other pen drives that you would like to add up in this list then you can feel free to drop it int e comment section below in this article. Also, you can recommend this list of pen drives to your friends and family who are looking to buy one.

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